I Tried DIY for the First Time!

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pshmrk.app.link/JX6X4eC1X3 I went to a thrift store for the first time to get some things to channel my inner Laur Diy. If you liked this video go and hit the like and subscribe button with your nose!
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lorena پیش سال
hi kouvr!! pin this if you love your followers💕💕
ari aka weeboba
ari aka weeboba پیش 5 ماه
i liked your comment and unliked because thats just guilting her into pinning you
lorena پیش 7 ماه
Gab ty for understanding lol
Gab پیش 7 ماه
ItsJustLori 03 but its fine it was five months ago
lorena پیش 7 ماه
Gab i completely understand what u mean and honestly it was kinda dumb for me to comment it lmao
Gab پیش 7 ماه
ItsJustLori 03 i am not tell u to take it down u just don’t have to force people into doing something they might not want to do cause u know knows she loves them so u know u will get what u want
Sari Anne
Sari Anne پیش 21 روز
ke alt
ke alt پیش 24 روز
lmao its the one year anniversary for this video
Luci Archbold
Luci Archbold پیش 28 روز
Heyyy kouvr you are so buetiful and I love you it would mean the world to me if you followed me I’m only new but I used to follow you on Tik tok but now my account got banned so I started a IRpost channel for you I love you sooo much!
Joanna Arciniegas
Joanna Arciniegas پیش ماه
Who else thinks she did a really good job. Like she has done this many times before
Pernille Braende
Pernille Braende پیش ماه
Ur so pretty
The bron James
The bron James پیش 2 ماه
I always get confused with DIY and DUI
Laura Vesel
Laura Vesel پیش 2 ماه
she should make a kouvr crafting channel
Katherine Meyers
Katherine Meyers پیش 2 ماه
why are you so good at this stuff!!!!!
TheKawaiiAvocado _8
TheKawaiiAvocado _8 پیش 3 ماه
Honestly, Kouvr is my favorite tiktoker, no thoughts about it. Shes humorous, shes kind, and mostly, she doesnt care about what people think about her. If I had to choose a tiktoker that is an amazing role model, I would definetly choose Kouvr. If I had to choose a PERSON that is an amazing role model, I would definitely choose Kouvr. I've struggled with loving myself in the past, I would always wear baggy clothes to fit in. But Kouvr helped me get through that. Most people on social media act perfect, are super filtered and have a certain side of them for only on camera. But I love how honest Kouvr is. I love how if she did something on accident (like the flared jeans in this video!) she owns it, and doesnt make an excuse. If Kouvr ever saw this I honestly would cry, I'm not saying that just for attention either. If you ever need someone to look up to, pick Kouvr, because Kouvr is absolutely amazing! Kouvr if you ever see this i just wanna say thank you for posting amazing content that honestly made me happy when I thought nobody could. Thanks Kouvr, From a HUGE fan in Canada🇨🇦
Shadow Vibes
Shadow Vibes پیش 3 ماه
i love how you just see Thomas chilling in the background(9:37) also Kouvr how is this your first time, i would NEVER be able to do this
Pink gamer roblox
Pink gamer roblox پیش 3 ماه
its the person screaming hell yeah for me
Boriana Nedkova
Boriana Nedkova پیش 3 ماه
summer games
summer games پیش 3 ماه
My mum bought me the skirt!!
Katelyn Foland
Katelyn Foland پیش 3 ماه
8:50 me and her sneezed at the exacttttt same time
Madison Arias
Madison Arias پیش 4 ماه
Kouvr diy
Kyndall Cappello
Kyndall Cappello پیش 4 ماه
Who else really wants to see kouvr model the clothes she made
Jules Samantha
Jules Samantha پیش 4 ماه
This was eight months ago I think the skirt will be sold
I love how Thomas justed sits there on his phone then relized kouvr was making a video and justed smiles!!!!!!
Sophia پیش 4 ماه
Lol when you hear the metal drop you can hear Thomas say "Alex" lol kndhdbdgdbdjxhfh
Gianna پیش 4 ماه
lia bauman
lia bauman پیش 4 ماه
hey kouvr! im wondering when you are going to post another video?
Katelyn Messmann
Katelyn Messmann پیش 4 ماه
This might be weird to ask but how old is she?
Lacy Padgett
Lacy Padgett پیش 4 ماه
Girl this is so so so cute 🥰 love them all you are now kouvr diy you should do diy channel now pin this if love every one🖤💜
Kc Cly
Kc Cly پیش 4 ماه
bless u child
Alexandria De Lap
Alexandria De Lap پیش 5 ماه
OMG you are so pretty girl 😊😊😊😊
Amy Brack
Amy Brack پیش 5 ماه
Oh so wish u would do some more of these
Nylon Gachas
Nylon Gachas پیش 5 ماه
No one: Nobody that has ever lived: Me:*dose this*
Meghan Hixon
Meghan Hixon پیش 5 ماه
Does* and tons of people do it. No one agrees w you
Fernanda Sepulveda
Fernanda Sepulveda پیش 5 ماه
i had a dream that i met you and your voice was like EXTREMLEY soft so when i rewhatch your videos im like "wow my dreams dd her dirty"
Emma Black
Emma Black پیش 5 ماه
Wait what the hell Kovur is amazing at arts and crafts like her drawing was so natural and easy and pretty
Caelynn Neary
Caelynn Neary پیش 6 ماه
I love you so much say my name ples my name is caelynn.
K&k Playz
K&k Playz پیش 6 ماه
kouvr imagine opening a bottle with your teeth when there is scicorss right next to you
Lucy vlogs lucy
Lucy vlogs lucy پیش 6 ماه
why is kouvr my favorite person and better than Alex
Sienna Croft
Sienna Croft پیش 6 ماه
you should post more
Aesthetic Cherries
Aesthetic Cherries پیش 6 ماه
Who else heard Alex was like hell yeah
Daisy Glass
Daisy Glass پیش 6 ماه
kouvr did a AMAZING job she is so good at everything i wish to meet kouvr one day and if she see's this i want to let you know your my world🥰 love you, have a nice rest of your day/night/evening
Angelys Ruiz
Angelys Ruiz پیش 6 ماه
owwwie i just like and sub with my nose now it accs wa
Josee Bouchard
Josee Bouchard پیش 6 ماه
I love lululemon
Allee Couture
Allee Couture پیش 6 ماه
So no one’s going to talk about HOW MUCH Alex moves in the bed😂🙈
AestheticFlower! پیش 6 ماه
You filmed this on the day my school got out for quarantine lol love you queen👑
Jael Flanery
Jael Flanery پیش 6 ماه
Who thinks she should do more
Tayla Whatmore
Tayla Whatmore پیش 6 ماه
your a queen
Fernanda Alcala
Fernanda Alcala پیش 6 ماه
Hii I’m a new fan!!💕✨
Megan Harvey
Megan Harvey پیش 6 ماه
I love your videos and your so beautiful
Gracie Mckay
Gracie Mckay پیش 6 ماه
Ly kouvr x❤️
Rayann Gum
Rayann Gum پیش 6 ماه
Hi kouvr I love your vids and I just want to say they tour my favorite person in the hype house
smobody is pooping
smobody is pooping پیش 6 ماه
so you blood
Why Don’t We Play Roblox
Why Don’t We Play Roblox پیش 7 ماه
4 words DO MORE VIDEOS PLS (I like these videos)
Byrian Burns
Byrian Burns پیش 7 ماه
Wow kouvr I’ve never heard your real voice lol
Cloudy Mnxo
Cloudy Mnxo پیش 7 ماه
She sounds so much different because I think she does a well apparently softie it’s called voice in Alex’s videos idk or I’ve just not heard her speak loud enough idk but her voice is beautiful ❤️✨
baby mochi
baby mochi پیش 7 ماه
I watch laurDIY too.👍👍
Hailey Smith
Hailey Smith پیش 7 ماه
How do you make scrunchy
Imaani Moo
Imaani Moo پیش 7 ماه
Hi kovur,😚❤️ I love them and I want to bhe them but I can’t there probably to big 😭😭
Amy Brack
Amy Brack پیش 7 ماه
We need more of these or some makeup tutorials
Layla’s Vlogs & Stuff
Layla’s Vlogs & Stuff پیش 7 ماه
Kouvr: Just keep in mind this is my first time doing this so I’m not a professional Me loving crafting and art: Gurl you should start a business I love her
Willow Blueplate
Willow Blueplate پیش 7 ماه
Heyy kouvr pin this if you adore your fans from south africa❤️🇿🇦
joeri VAN LOOY
joeri VAN LOOY پیش 7 ماه
i mis the sewing machine
Zoe Niezgodka
Zoe Niezgodka پیش 7 ماه
Bless you!
Gaming With Piggy
Gaming With Piggy پیش 7 ماه
ur so good at this
Celeste Guzman
Celeste Guzman پیش 7 ماه
She sounds different
Simple Life
Simple Life پیش 7 ماه
sami پیش 7 ماه
am i the only one that feels like alex looks like hes wearing the black flame jeans...for ME..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
swype house fan
swype house fan پیش 7 ماه
reply if u love ur fans so much
Olivia Kofoed
Olivia Kofoed پیش 7 ماه
i love her cat and it gets in the way and the jump was pretty big jump
Aryana Torres
Aryana Torres پیش 7 ماه
Shes good at this stuff
Galaxy_ Star
Galaxy_ Star پیش 7 ماه
666k views that's not good :^
Janessa پیش 7 ماه
Your voice is adorable 🥰
Itz Me Viki
Itz Me Viki پیش 7 ماه
I l❤️VE how the first shirt turned out
Jacky Chadwick
Jacky Chadwick پیش 7 ماه
You did so so good
Shea Carter
Shea Carter پیش 7 ماه
Omg I got poshmark
Chanel Romo
Chanel Romo پیش 7 ماه
Pin this if u love ❤️ your fam
Anne-Marie Langva Fjell
Anne-Marie Langva Fjell پیش 7 ماه
Hi can you please pin me i love you
Andrea Petrušić
Andrea Petrušić پیش 8 ماه
when she doesn't try them on 😍
Genna /Piper Vlogs
Genna /Piper Vlogs پیش 8 ماه
She is so nice and cute
Lazy Leah2008
Lazy Leah2008 پیش 8 ماه
k0ver: *sneezes * Me: " BLESS YOU "
Hailey Morfin
Hailey Morfin پیش 8 ماه
kouvr is the only one from hype house who posts longer than 6 mins
Gab پیش 8 ماه
She is hella talented
I am the teacher
I am the teacher پیش 8 ماه
I feel bad for kovur I found out she was being body shamed when I didnt pay attention to her appearance in a bad way
Hayden Putnam
Hayden Putnam پیش 8 ماه
who else loves kouvr?
Soumya Thamman
Soumya Thamman پیش 8 ماه
you're low-key too good at this
jasmine پیش 8 ماه
She asks so normal in her videos then un Alexes she is in CrackHead mode all day
Lizzy’s Fidget Corner
Lizzy’s Fidget Corner پیش 8 ماه
I love how kover said frabric not fabric lol
Supremelavv Zoe laverne
Supremelavv Zoe laverne پیش 8 ماه
Everything kouva is good at Cook Laundry Folding Singing Dancing Tattoos Makeup Skin care Good clothes taste Taking care of pets Good at DIY SHES GOOD AT EVERYTHING WHO CAM HATE HER ALSO SHES AMZING AND PRETTY
sequoia and friends
sequoia and friends پیش 8 ماه
Pls can you do this more i love these
Tegan McMullin
Tegan McMullin پیش 8 ماه
Does anyone else think that she’s too good at diy because I love them all 🥰
Tegan McMullin
Tegan McMullin پیش 6 ماه
Ok well I’m sorry for sounding rude but i Don’t mean to
Ava پیش 6 ماه
Tegan McMullin What you said sounded rude
Tegan McMullin
Tegan McMullin پیش 7 ماه
Ava what in the sentence that I posted is rude
Ava پیش 7 ماه
Tegan McMullin You didn’t say it in a rude way, but you didn’t say it in a nice way either.
Tegan McMullin
Tegan McMullin پیش 7 ماه
Nor did I
samina sinclair
samina sinclair پیش 8 ماه
I have two fps for you
Jessica_bruan Hehe
Jessica_bruan Hehe پیش 8 ماه
Chloe Ratliff
Chloe Ratliff پیش 8 ماه
I love how she’s the only one in the hype house that doesn’t go “⬅️➡️↘️↙️⬅️⬆️⬇️↕️↖️↘️↗️➡️➡️⬅️” with the camera
Isabella Nash
Isabella Nash پیش 7 ماه
Haha lamo
Aesthetic_14 پیش 8 ماه
Hey kouvr !pin this if u love Alex a lot ❤️❤️💨
༺giselle༻ پیش 8 ماه
Tbh I love her and her confidence
zombie man554
zombie man554 پیش 8 ماه
i love how kouvr is not afraid to hide her belly an kouvr can you please comment on this please i love you soooooooo much
Bentley Harless
Bentley Harless پیش 8 ماه
I love you😁😁😁😁😁😁
Just in case account Yh
Just in case account Yh پیش 8 ماه
She looks so stressed out n tired
Aairah Chaudry
Aairah Chaudry پیش 8 ماه
Can we notice she is an amazing drawer
Aairah Chaudry
Aairah Chaudry پیش 8 ماه
giovanna savanelli
giovanna savanelli پیش 8 ماه
Candice Geautreaux
Candice Geautreaux پیش 8 ماه
Kouvr is QUEEN
Sofie Pedersen
Sofie Pedersen پیش 8 ماه
WoW you should be a designer😂 Or make a series ! Like if you Want Kouvr to make a Series out of this!!!
UnicornBunny Queen
UnicornBunny Queen پیش 8 ماه
I love yuo
Samantha Valadez
Samantha Valadez پیش 8 ماه
Love you I love DIY to 😁
Our first road trip together!
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