My Nightly Routine Living With Five Boys

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پیش سال

I thought I might as well give you guys a glimpse into my nightly routine… I did some laundry, went to the gym, fed our gecko and made dinner… This might change your mind if you want to be the only girl roommate…
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Kouvr پیش سال
Hey guys just clarifying in no way did I make this video to make any of my friends look bad I love them all I made it jokingly and it was meant to be a funny video. I hope you guys know that!
Jilian Stebbins
Jilian Stebbins پیش 8 روز
I was never thinking that!!!! I thought it was just to get out a IRpost video out!!!
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson پیش 9 روز
Kouvr I feel bad u have to fold all your friends cloths
little blossoms
little blossoms پیش 16 روز
Josie Lakeland
Josie Lakeland پیش 16 روز
@E Burdick ikr! She is literally gorgeous
E Burdick
E Burdick پیش 16 روز
Ur sooo pretty
Isaac Reid
Isaac Reid پیش 18 ساعت
She is literally the mother of the hype house
Jamie deMos
Jamie deMos پیش 18 ساعت
Why does she have to do the work for everyone
Madalyn Harpster leo DiCaprio fan
Madalyn Harpster leo DiCaprio fan پیش روز
Is it just me or does she sound like Bailey Dedric 🐼❤️
Danielle Villalobos
Danielle Villalobos پیش روز
Yall feel bad for Kouvr but don't feel bad for yall's moms💀💀💀
Shalinie Bhageloe
Shalinie Bhageloe پیش روز
Hiiii i,m gonna sub cus i love you imma girl btw why cus you cane handel it all your self and your a great person
Ingmara Jurnaite
Ingmara Jurnaite پیش 2 روز
tbh Kouvr you are really clean i didint know that about you good job :D
c rcc
c rcc پیش 2 روز
I have no idea why but this is the 13 time that I have watched this video this month I love it so much and kovour you probably don’t read these but you are amazing and my favorite IRpost.
Karlee Stout
Karlee Stout پیش 3 روز
I think she looks so pretty
Keira!!!!!! Stritzel
Keira!!!!!! Stritzel پیش 3 روز
Omg you do everything for them
Ana Miller
Ana Miller پیش 5 روز
did yall get that glitch at 5:21 (asking for a friend) :)
Charlotte wallace
Charlotte wallace پیش 5 روز
Can you do a video like this again
Madison & Morgan L
Madison & Morgan L پیش 5 روز
Who is watching this in 2021 because they miss the old kover
brianna elliott
brianna elliott پیش 5 روز
Marley Priest
Marley Priest پیش 6 روز
Your such a nice person Kouvr to the boys!!!! I have no idea what the boys would have done with out you!!XD
Riniyah Yetman
Riniyah Yetman پیش 6 روز
no wonder why she constantly tells alex to put a ring on it
bella thole
bella thole پیش 6 روز
Emma Nieves
Emma Nieves پیش 6 روز
Do they appreciate you for what YOU do for them.
Mikaela پیش 6 روز
wtf kouvr was so pretty
Maisie Ryan
Maisie Ryan پیش 6 روز
You are like the mom of them
Nate C.
Nate C. پیش 7 روز
Those actually look delish
Mia Reyland-Slawson
Mia Reyland-Slawson پیش 7 روز
Your like a mom
Layla vanwye
Layla vanwye پیش 8 روز
She cheated on alex if u watch anna oop she has a vid saying that kouvr cheated on alex
Rylee Hamilton
Rylee Hamilton پیش 9 روز
Your so pretty
Kali Wooldridge
Kali Wooldridge پیش 9 روز
Mover looks so different
Nora D
Nora D پیش 9 روز
Are you living in Hype House??
Charleigh Nixon
Charleigh Nixon پیش 9 روز
Kouvr is a mom
Moulnyka Chum
Moulnyka Chum پیش 9 روز
What’s Alexs name in fortnait
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Johnson پیش 9 روز
Londynn hein
Londynn hein پیش 9 روز
Pour cover
Amanda Pirwitz
Amanda Pirwitz پیش 10 روز
The ones that aren’t dating are like siblings. I love that. Also these boys and girl better be fudging lucky they have her
Enrique Toledo
Enrique Toledo پیش 10 روز
Are we gonna talk about how conners room is a closet 😂 and btw kouvr is a whole mooooooddddd 👌🏼✌🏻🙈
Elisa Torres
Elisa Torres پیش 10 روز
Kouvr is the mom of the house
sophia noori
sophia noori پیش 11 روز
WOW they dont do their own luandry like look how old they are poor kouvr. they dont even feed theirselves, NOT EVEN THE FRIGGING LIZARD. Oh and also why does connor sleep in a frigging closet
Sienna Franz
Sienna Franz پیش 11 روز
Ok why is kovi taking care of everyone like she is the mom in the house
cerys Burden
cerys Burden پیش 11 روز
Also she didnt sighn up to be a maid she litlary fed the bloody lizard it isnt even hers
cerys Burden
cerys Burden پیش 11 روز
She does everything she feeds rhem and she cleans there dirty underwear
Kenadie Dutton
Kenadie Dutton پیش 12 روز
I’m realizing she’s like the mom of the hype house and one of the best members
Krusty Krab Pizza
Krusty Krab Pizza پیش 12 روز
Someone please tell me the intro song name
Sully پیش 12 روز
The best man
Corcadiele پیش 13 روز
Why does kouvr have to do every thing for the boys while the play fortnite
Ines Johnston
Ines Johnston پیش 13 روز
Alex playing fortnite from 7 till 3 in the morning
Angela Guo
Angela Guo پیش 13 روز
Wait i'm new here...Why is she living with five boys? Are they like friends or just roommates?
Esmeralda Murati
Esmeralda Murati پیش 13 روز
Margarita Zveniatchovskaia
Margarita Zveniatchovskaia پیش 13 روز
I hope I wasn't the only one that thought it was quite weird for a person to live in a closet
leah raynor
leah raynor پیش 13 روز
Kiriah Schuelke
Kiriah Schuelke پیش 14 روز
I have so much respect for you
Tidda Tea
Tidda Tea پیش 14 روز
Bella پیش 14 روز
Omg she like the literal mom of the house doing their laundry and everything.
Jenny Mendoza
Jenny Mendoza پیش 14 روز
This video was a year ago but I just want to dress but that’s not a lizard not even close it’s a leopard gecko but yeah I feel like I need to get that another way cause I’m just binge watching your videos and Alex’s😅😂😊
Rob Nickerson
Rob Nickerson پیش 14 روز
Sh is like there mom
It's Ke'Ora
It's Ke'Ora پیش 14 روز
Waitttt- they can't do their OWN LAUNDRY?
EMMA EDWARDS پیش 14 روز
Poor Kovur the boys need to take their part in helping out you should be folding grown adults clothes
ZADA DUPREE پیش 14 روز
My mom does not even do my landry anymore and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BEBS!!!!!
miss roxann betty fox oconnor
miss roxann betty fox oconnor پیش 14 روز
it's called The Great British Bake off
4 Peeps in a pod
4 Peeps in a pod پیش 15 روز
Taylor Chippendale
Taylor Chippendale پیش 16 روز
the amount of work this girl doese
Sophia Morgan
Sophia Morgan پیش 16 روز
You don’t even need a child you have a bonch already
Kailey Puntiel
Kailey Puntiel پیش 16 روز
Poor idle she has to do everything the girls have to do everything the guy don’t have to do nothing
novalea miles
novalea miles پیش 16 روز
She would be a great mom
Sarah Riley
Sarah Riley پیش 17 روز
She cooks she clean but she dose not have a ring😂
Valerie L
Valerie L پیش 17 روز
I feel bad kouvrs queen
Hayden B
Hayden B پیش 17 روز
this makes me so sad that u have to do all there laundry and everything😕
Hayden B
Hayden B پیش 17 روز
u look so pretty in this
Rashid Az
Rashid Az پیش 17 روز
Not gonna lie kouvr is my fav person in the house she does everything I feel bad💖💖
it seems like kouvr literally does everything in the house
Faith Kelly
Faith Kelly پیش 17 روز
Haha, they can't live without you 😂
Dolores Aguilar
Dolores Aguilar پیش 17 روز
I love you so much
Hayden Hordos
Hayden Hordos پیش 17 روز
Literally love you! Your such a good person!
Anna پیش 18 روز
can I ask why you fold and wash your friends clothes?
Camilla’s Fashion
Camilla’s Fashion پیش 18 روز
I would love to meat her she sounds so sweet
Roshanna Mostella
Roshanna Mostella پیش 18 روز
i love you
Sellah Ambundo
Sellah Ambundo پیش 19 روز
Hi i know how it feels to live with boys, I have six brothers and 2 sisters i feel your pain!!!
dani love
dani love پیش 21 روز
kouvr, you are an amazing person and literally wifey material. Thanks for taking care of everyone. you are such a kind human being
Trinity George
Trinity George پیش 21 روز
Kouvr be in that kitchen tho
Karime Hernandez Gonzalez
Karime Hernandez Gonzalez پیش 21 روز
not trying to be rude or anything but why are yo the only one who cooks and cleans love you
Shayla-jay Roberts
Shayla-jay Roberts پیش 21 روز
if her and Alex had kids she would be the best at looking after them seems tho she loons after the boys, there like big kids no hate I live them all
Coady’s Brrr
Coady’s Brrr پیش 21 روز
what im i watching just whyyyyyy . why are u doing it all
Olivia L
Olivia L پیش 21 روز
Boys need to do the work for a change. Like girls need chill time too. Like do your own laundry at least. 😂 love you girl u do amazing things for these boys.
Amelia Briggs
Amelia Briggs پیش 22 روز
Why don't they help you
Makeup By Caroline Lush
Makeup By Caroline Lush پیش 22 روز
papers room is so small.
HE_ PLAYZ پیش 22 روز
Poor u u have to do everything for them
Amy Kasica
Amy Kasica پیش 23 روز
You the best oliver
Katie Bouchard
Katie Bouchard پیش 23 روز
she really said “bitch i’m a mother... no drama!!!”
Paula Prendergast
Paula Prendergast پیش 23 روز
I feel so bad for you tell those boys to get up ! 🤣
NICOLE RIVERA پیش 23 روز
i feel so bad for her 😅
Summer Frobs
Summer Frobs پیش 24 روز
anyone else love how kouvrs move goes from seriuse to funny
Mia Pauta
Mia Pauta پیش 24 روز
hi i love you so much you guys are my favorite youtube’s
elizabeth tape medina
elizabeth tape medina پیش 25 روز
Is it weird that you do everything
Alena Thompson
Alena Thompson پیش 25 روز
Kouvr is a literal queen
sophieee پیش 25 روز
She should get paid for this lol
bellah cox
bellah cox پیش 26 روز
she looks so skinnier then than now she is way more active back then but i still love her for who ever she is in no other way am i hating im just saying i didnt make this to seem mean i was just saying
gaming with me ayy
gaming with me ayy پیش 26 روز
Omg I ammm a bigg fan I love you kouvr
Lilly Mai Ferguson
Lilly Mai Ferguson پیش 26 روز
you have five kids my mum know how you feel my mum has six kids
HappyMeal Gacha
HappyMeal Gacha پیش 27 روز
you should try ignoring/ not doing anything for them for 24 hours And see how they react
Mel Knight
Mel Knight پیش 27 روز
I'm sure there not that bad Kouvr would never do that? I'm sure they take it in turns but ya they where quite mean
Savannah Tuvell
Savannah Tuvell پیش 27 روز
Is anyone talking about the fact that Connor is sleeping in the closet?🤣
grace brown
grace brown پیش 27 روز
It looks like she is a single mum with five boys I fill so bad :(
Ashleigh Quick
Ashleigh Quick پیش 27 روز
She is a god
why do you have to do all of that girl give yourself a break
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