Trying strange snacks with my friends!

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In todays video I tried a ton of interesting snacks with Alex and Michael!
Alex and I just dropped some Valentines Day merch with each other so check it out it's almost sold out!
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Sarita Hale
Sarita Hale پیش 11 روز
Omg kouvr can I get a shout out your the best!!!!💖💖
Tanksi Red bear
Tanksi Red bear پیش 16 روز
Micheal: *gags 10x in the vid* Alex: this is gross Kouvr: mmmh! 😋
Reese Hudson
Reese Hudson پیش 18 روز
Lenorah Carolan
Lenorah Carolan پیش 25 روز
I love how kouvr is so optimistic while Michael says everything tastes like dog sh*t
brainelys cristal mendoza
brainelys cristal mendoza پیش 28 روز
Bruh i was dead of laughter when michel farted on kouvr face
Stella K
Stella K پیش ماه
Mia just be like :(
The prince family Fans
The prince family Fans پیش ماه
Kouvr is literally can be your funny moody best friend and so caring of everyone I love her so much who else agrees to this. 👇👇
Bitch Whores
Bitch Whores پیش ماه
Ok this very disrespectful they could’ve said respectfully that it wasn’t good then insulting Asian snacks and why would you call them strange things ofc you know their Asian snacks please be mature and stop being racist and rude !!!!
Bitch Whores
Bitch Whores پیش ماه
Ok this very disrespectful they could’ve said respectfully that it wasn’t good then insulting Asian snacks and why would you call them strange things ofc you know their Asian snacks please be mature and stop being racist and rude !!!!
Fatima the baddie
Fatima the baddie پیش ماه
Micheal literally hated everything
Jimena Reyes-Vicencio
Jimena Reyes-Vicencio پیش ماه
Kouvr can alex,micheal and you try mexican candy plsss?
Livnotfound پیش ماه
I love you so much kouvr
Emily Dile
Emily Dile پیش ماه
kouvr i love you and the boba things look good
k k
k k پیش ماه
I’m with Alex on the Mochi.... sorry 😅
Animation Story’s
Animation Story’s پیش ماه
How come there is portarican people in the hype house and not black peopel?
Rachel McCarthy
Rachel McCarthy پیش ماه
yes - - - - - - - - - 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
Nia Williams
Nia Williams پیش ماه
white people
Evelyn Delacruz
Evelyn Delacruz پیش ماه
i love kouver she’s so divers with the food and the things she try’s and very respectful of it
absolutely annoying
absolutely annoying پیش ماه
Most of these snacks are asian ones and I grew up eating these they r so good
Etax پیش ماه
Did anybody notice that kouvr said " puerco " which means disgusting in spanish at 2:20
J C پیش ماه
Kouvr. Seems like a different person I feel like Alex controls her
gamer girl
gamer girl پیش ماه
pls send me these squid streads i fu*ing love thatt
Laura Lauva
Laura Lauva پیش ماه
No offense but kaka in Latvia means poop😂😀
Mackenzie Ducksworth
Mackenzie Ducksworth پیش ماه
Can we just straight up say Michael hated everything
mha_fan پیش ماه
Now I am hungry :
Gianna Griggs
Gianna Griggs پیش ماه
All I can say is kover was a cultured kid
Daniela Montejano
Daniela Montejano پیش ماه
Mia is sooo funny but I love everyone in the hypehouse including Michael
ffion jones
ffion jones پیش ماه
Is it bad that I want a man like Micheal 🥲
Nayeli Garcia
Nayeli Garcia پیش ماه
alex reading the title *cries a little*
izzy tyler
izzy tyler پیش ماه
U should try Australian snacks
katie reynolds
katie reynolds پیش ماه
Did anyone else see Mia at the start
Kota Lever
Kota Lever پیش ماه
Can you do this exact same challenge with the whole house, but with Australian snacks?? Pleasssseeeeee??
Halie Davis
Halie Davis پیش ماه
Anyone else look at her subs and it says 666k?-
kaila devera-igarta
kaila devera-igarta پیش ماه
hawaii/hawaiian coming threw strong
Nayeli Torres
Nayeli Torres پیش ماه
kouvr i know you won't see this but if you do what do you normally do when people on youre tick tock or instagram tell you mean stuff like you look ugly in that shirt or you look fat? bc people keep telling me this in the comments that im fat
Lydia Li
Lydia Li پیش ماه
no disrespect to kouvr or anything cuz I love her personality but in my eyes they are low-key being rude to asians cuz most of this vid is just them making fun of asian snacks and calling them weird I mean like saying u dont like it is fine but calling it dog shit come on
Liana Akopyan
Liana Akopyan پیش ماه
Congrats on 666k subs //Anybody else DYING of laughter, get it, right-?
Natalie Huynh
Natalie Huynh پیش ماه
the title is eating strange snacks but it was only eating asian snacks
Vicky Lin
Vicky Lin پیش ماه
They are mostly Chinese food.
Elettra Grande Vlogs
Elettra Grande Vlogs پیش ماه
I said this on Alex’s channel Michael is so cute 🥰
Kylee Perry
Kylee Perry پیش ماه
kov you should have alex and michel try hawiian snacks
Billie Farnsworth
Billie Farnsworth پیش ماه
Her followers 666k 😬
Ty Lette
Ty Lette پیش ماه
I never laugh so hard!! 🤣
Kouvr Annonn
Kouvr Annonn پیش ماه
Hi Kouvr I made a youtube channel I made it Kouvr Annon by KouvrAnnonFanPage20051
Molly MacMillan
Molly MacMillan پیش ماه
Kouvr loves the apple juice
Amanda پیش ماه
why is she calling asian snacks strange...
Leana Canlobo
Leana Canlobo پیش ماه
i love how majority of these are asian snacks and i grew up eating these loving the flavor and then micheal comes in “these are dog shit..”
janar pilv
janar pilv پیش ماه
Kovur has 666k subs😳😳
London Cooper
London Cooper پیش ماه
the way alex looks at kouvr 10/10 🥺
Debora Nada
Debora Nada پیش ماه
Nobody: Micheal: wait it was my turn to pick
Tatum Quinn 29
Tatum Quinn 29 پیش ماه
Who else wants kover to be there best friend ⬇️ like if you want the same thing😘🥰🤪😜😌😊
Hey It’s Rei
Hey It’s Rei پیش ماه
When she has 666k followers...
jokerkid0310 پیش ماه
Anybody notice mia just staring into the camera?
Julia C
Julia C پیش ماه
I see cancer in these snacks
? mel
? mel پیش ماه
666k subs 🧟‍♀️
Lover_of_Tigers پیش ماه
Dude when Alex ate the boba chocolate he straight up looked like he was having pains that made him wanna hurl
Mistie Daniels
Mistie Daniels پیش ماه
When he pick that chip and then he was like it is my turn to pick and then he pick the same chips lol 😝
Eliseo Arredondo
Eliseo Arredondo پیش ماه
No one: Me: thinking it s a pre view
I loveeee Alex he’s so sweet
xXSimply_AiresXx پیش ماه
Michael: hmmm that taste like dog sh*t Also if I were any one in the hype house i would be Michael BAHAHAH
Rose Akoto
Rose Akoto پیش ماه
Kouvr: "Be a big boy and take a big bite" Michael: "can you be a fucking man about it" Alex:"I'm not a big boy"😂
Izabella Lukenda
Izabella Lukenda پیش ماه
Dear Kover , I love you so much .I would die to meet you . I watch all of ur videos and Alex’s . I love you and your dog so much I love you Izabella
SimpinqJaylynn Jks
SimpinqJaylynn Jks پیش ماه
POV you’re Asian and those are Asian snacks so I eat those alot
Melony Liming
Melony Liming پیش ماه
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Leah Brammen
Leah Brammen پیش ماه
I have ur black mood hoodie!
Stacie Simmons
Stacie Simmons پیش ماه
Where is she from?
monkey bananas
monkey bananas پیش ماه
This honestly is low key offending 😔😔😔
Grace McKinnell
Grace McKinnell پیش ماه
mia in the back like: soo you gonna offer me some?
Mai Pham
Mai Pham پیش ماه
It’s not strange it’s just being rude for the culture
Jenny Li
Jenny Li پیش ماه
The snacks aren’t disgusting or strange, y’all just aren’t familiar with them because they’re from a different culture. Honestly Michael was rly fckn rude in this, there was absolutely no need to call the food dog sh*t.
Debora Almiron
Debora Almiron پیش ماه
Mia just standing there it's the best thing
Soft Sweet
Soft Sweet پیش ماه
They always say kouvr likes anything that’s nasty😂
kendu keraskes
kendu keraskes پیش ماه
Am I the only one that has all of these in my pantry and eat tbem
Gizelle Stephens
Gizelle Stephens پیش ماه
Dude they’re missing out, squid spreads r amazinggggg
Jenna N
Jenna N پیش ماه
Can you do a bun tutorial please you bun are so good
Melissa Perez
Melissa Perez پیش ماه
The ending the way Alex looks at kouvr
Dallas Carlos
Dallas Carlos پیش ماه
and thats on kouvr being ✨HAWAIIAN✨
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez پیش ماه
You guys should have bot the mochi ice cream not the jelly ones the ice cream ones are batter because he have ice cream inside 😱
Ellie-mae Payne
Ellie-mae Payne پیش ماه
You should try food from england I live in England and the food here is so nice🦋💜
Traveling with Hannah
Traveling with Hannah پیش ماه
They remind me of a family lol. Michael is the kid and kouvr and Alex are the parents 😂😂😂
Jew Hungry
Jew Hungry پیش ماه
Sherri Nugent
Sherri Nugent پیش ماه
Hi kouvr!!!
zareeyah's purple diamond's
zareeyah's purple diamond's پیش ماه
Michael "humm everything is dog sh****t,ugh almost throws up, yep it tastes like dog sh***t".🤣🤣
Nakahya Christian
Nakahya Christian پیش ماه
I love you guys but Micheal was being like really disrespectful
Christopher Godinez
Christopher Godinez پیش ماه
Dayna Marie
GRACE LEI پیش ماه
They all good lol well I’m Asian so ya lol
bubble gum sky
bubble gum sky پیش ماه
I’m so happy she’s posting more! 😄
Kayla Mullen
Kayla Mullen پیش ماه
I HAVE A FANPAGE OF YOU KOUVRRRRRRRRRRRR💔💔💔💔💔💔❤️❤️💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡💛🧡🤍💜🤍💜💞💜💞🖤💞❣️💚💕💓💛❣️💜💞💜💕💜
May Yati
May Yati پیش ماه
notice how all of the snacks are Asian snacks and y’all label it “strange snacks”? Pls be mature
May Yati
May Yati پیش ماه
@kira davies it’s pretty obvious it’s Asian snacks. And she mentioned that it was Asian snacks which is very YK
kira davies
kira davies پیش ماه
Maybe she did not kniw
Anna white
Anna white پیش ماه
There the best ❤️🖤
Rissa Caldwell
Rissa Caldwell پیش ماه
Michael:hmmmm its dog shit Kouvr:hahah Alex:yep
krystal decker
krystal decker پیش ماه
Me too
Avery’s Boom
Avery’s Boom پیش 2 ماه
Alyne Quiroz
Alyne Quiroz پیش 2 ماه
It really hit the this dangalin in the back of his throat
Itz Rosy
Itz Rosy پیش 2 ماه
Tee hee I actually grew up with these ! who’s Asian:
Lolita Magana
Lolita Magana پیش 2 ماه
Annasophia Markham-Adkison
Annasophia Markham-Adkison پیش 2 ماه
Kouvr should prank Alex that she's either pregnant or got another animal
Kauailani Goias-Medeiros
Kauailani Goias-Medeiros پیش 2 ماه
You should have your bf and the hype house try Hawaiian snacks
Anneliese Lambert
Anneliese Lambert پیش 2 ماه
I have never seen Alex so quite...
Skye Bodurka
Skye Bodurka پیش 2 ماه
Someone got me to try spicy ramen with a small packet of kool-aid mixed in. It was like spicy blue raspberry ramen... it definitely wasn’t a favourite but it surprisingly wasn’t the worst 😂😂
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